It’s hard to believe that Renfrew Rotary Club in the form of Community and Vocational have been supporting the Paisley based Charity founded by Corrine Hutton since November 2019 – over 3 years now.

Initially it seemed that we would never get involved due to the Covid pandemic when we were laying the ground work to enable us to supply transport to get the amputees to and from appointments, gyms, swimming, days out, and social events at the Hub in St James Street in Paisley. Like Topsey it has just grown in size and complexity. We are now on the verge of driving buses to take bigger numbers on outings.

You never know what is going to happen next at the hub! Twice a week they put on a social event with tea, coffee, biscuits, and baked goods Ampu – Teas – where there are handy craft demonstrations, competitions, and a couple of barbers donate their time to give free haircuts – gardening projects, quizzes, darts, fencing with epees, sabers, and scimitars. (I’m just wondering how the Troopers as they are called lost their limbs Might it be a cover story?) and all sorts of handy crafts.
At the rear of the hub there are Railway arches which are being transformed into a beautiful Urban garden oasis. Where staff and Troopers can sit and relax. They even have one of the arches designated as a stress relieving Crockery smashing alley. Local graffiti artists have added their colourful touches to all of the 12 arches. Volunteers have built pallet furniture, deep beds, large planters, and cleared the derelict site. This project is impressive in the drive of the staff , volunteers and the enthusiasm and determination shown by the founder Corrine Hutton.Looking forward to the years ahead to see where FYF leads on from here!