Five of the ‘seniors’ from Renfrew Rotary were collected by our chauffeur of the day (Mr Shan), who kindly transported us in his winged chariot.

Flying into the big metropolis of Scotland’s second city, we were slightly too late for a tour of the majestic City Chambers…
However, nothing daunted, Mr Williams sprinted off in the lead,with the aid of his third leg to introduce us to the delights of the Royal Concert Hall’s catering – coffee with roll & bacon!

Thereafter, once again ensconced through the gullwing doors of Mr Shan’s chariot, we embarked on a Mystery Tour, reminiscent of the Western SMT tours of the 1950’s.
Surprise, surprise… we ended up in that palm-tree lined coastal resort, much envied by the Vikings – Largs. Refreshed by a lemonade in the Anchor Bar, we repaired to a Morris Minor themed hostelry to partake of a lunch – soup, followed by steak pie or fish and chips.

Being in a nostalgic frame of mind, we felt drawn to visit the famous art-deco cafeteria by the sea-front (where we used to entertain our ‘lumbers’) for a ‘pokey hat’.

Happy, refreshed and with full tummies, the five boys returned home in their super-smooth transport just in time for their afternoon naps…

Donald McNeil
Eddie Williams
Martin Moir
Jack Winch
David Shan