The Clyde Coastal Path takes you on a 36mile journey from Wemyss Bay to Milngavie via the Erskine Bridge.
As well as giving directions, the guidebook describes the influence that the River Clyde had, and still has, on the communities it passes through. It highlights the beautiful and diverse scenery en route. The guidebook describes the shared experiences and history north and south of the river. It documents some fascinating social, natural and developmental history of Scotland and her people.

Since the publication of the book, two spurs have been added to the path: the Partick Spur and the Paisley Spur.
The Partick Spur is in three parts:
Partick Station to King George V Dock
King George V Dock to the two Rivers Cart
The two Rivers Cart to Boden Boo
The Paisley Spur runs from Paisley Abbey to the two Rivers Cart.

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